LSA 2016 Lute Festival & Seminar

For the 2016 Summer event, taking place from 26 June through 2 July, the Lute Society of America is returning to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland OH.  Faculty appointments confirmed at this time includes some old familiar faces and a few new names.  To teach lute and related plucked instruments we will have Xavier Díaz-Latorre, Jakob Lindberg, Robert Barto, Paul O’Dette, Nigel North, Christopher Morrongiello, Ronn MacFarlane, and Charlie Weaver.  The vocal instructors will be Dame Emma Kirkby, who has not appeared previously at one of our Seminars, and Ellen Hargis.  The event is directed by Jason Priset.  A registration web page will be set up shortly.  For students with limited financial resources, a scholarship may be available to cover the registration fee for the Lute Festival & Seminar.*

LSA 2015 Summer Seminars

      During the Summer of 2015 the LSA is again sponsoring two Seminars, one on the east coast of North America and one on the west coast. We are took a more active part in the planning than we have in past years, and as a consequence the number of lute courses and faculty members were larger than in these regional seminars in past years.

      Workshop East 2015 took place 12 to 18 July as part of the Amherst Early Music Festival at Connecticut College, New London CT. The faculty consisted of Eduardo Eguez, Nigel North, Grant Herreid, Christopher Morrongiello, and Jason Priset (LSA Program Director).

      Workshop West 2015 took place 26 to 31 July as part of Early Music Vancouver at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, Canada. The faculty consisted of Robert Barto, Ray Nurse, Paul Beier, Ronn McFarlane, Travis Carey (Lute Building and Maintenance), and Michael Miranda (LSA Programme Director).

LSA 2014 Summer Seminar and Lute Festival

      The 2014 Summer Seminar and Lute Festival took place the 22nd to the 28th of June.  The faculty included Paul Beier, Eduardo Egüez, Douglas Freundlich, Gail Gillispie, Ellen Hargis, Grant Herreid, Jakob Lindberg, Christopher Morrongiello, Nigel North, Phil Rukavina, Andy Rutherford, and Crawford Young.  Richard Stone was the Pat O’Brien Lecturer.  The complete list of course offerings and the concert schedule are posted.  Videos of the musical performances at the Festival are now posted on the LSA YouTube channel.

LSA 2013 Summer Seminars

      The 2013 Lute Society of America Summer Seminar East was again part of the Amherst Early Music Festival, from the 14th to the 21st of July.  The faculty consisted of Grant Herreid, Nigel North, Patrick O’Brien, Jason Priset, and Phil Rukavina.

      The 2013 Lute Society of America Summer Seminar West was again part of the Vancouver Early Music Festival.  The lute week was Sunday, 28 July through Friday, 2 August.  The faculty consisted of Robert Barto, Ray Nurse, Patrick O’Brien, and Charles Weaver.  There was also a lute-building workshop taught by Grant Tomlinson.  The Lute Doctor was Travis Carey, and Michael Miranda was the LSA coordinator. 

LSA 2012 Summer Seminar and Lute Festival

      The 2012 Lute Society of America Summer Seminar and Lute Festival took take place 24 through 29 June at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  The faculty included some old familiar faces, Robert Barto, Doug Freundlich, Ellen Hargis, Christopher Morrongiello (along with other members of The Bacheler Consort), Nigel North, Pat O’Brien, Paul O’Dette, and Crawford Young, and Eduardo Egüez and Sylvain Bergeron joined the roster for the first time.  The Pat O’Brien Scholar was Grant Herreid, perhaps best known for his performances with Piffaro, and the Lute Doctor was Andrew Rutherford.

LSA 2011 Summer Seminars

      The Lute Society of America sponsored two Summer Seminar events in conjunction with Amherst Early Music (17 – 24 July 2011) and Early Music Vancouver (1 – 5 August 2011), as we have recently in odd-numbered years.

      The faculty in Vancouver consisted of Robert Barto, Sylvain Bergeron, Pat O’Brien, Stephen Stubbs, and Grant Tomlinson, with Travis Carey providing instrument maintenance.  The coordinator for the LSA was board member Michael Miranda.

      The focus of the Seminar on the east coast was sacred music of the 16th-century in the Iberian peninsula.  The faculty included Nigel North, Grant Herried, Doug Freundlich, and Christopher Morrongiello.  Phillip Rukavina was the LSA coordinator for this Seminar.

LSA Seminar 2010

      The Lute Society of America Summer Seminar 2010 ran from Sunday afternoon, 27 June, through Saturday morning, 3 July.  The venue was once again Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

      Attendees were able to participate in two to four daily classes or lectures and enjoy one major concert and one shorter recital per day.  Our Pat O’Brien lecturer was Stephen Stubbs.  He was also in charge of another major focus of the week, which was the preparation for a complete performance on Friday evening of Dafne, a very early opera by Marco da Gagliano.

      Faculty for the 2010 Summer Seminar included:

      Many members of the faculty presented concerts or shorter recitals during the week, as indicated above.  In addition, there were recitals by


Retrospectives of Past LSA Seminars

    A photographic record of the great fun that was had by all:

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