Lute Society of America – Editions
Transcribed and edited by Peter K. Danner
Calligraphy by David S. Phillips

     These Courantes, written by one or more members of the Gautier family, were collected from three different manuscript sources by Peter Danner.  In order to preserve the careful and beautiful calligraphy of David Phillips the original publication was scanned directly into PDF format, rather than computer typesetting it as we have done with most of the other retro-publications of our Editions.  This results in a significantly larger file size, so for the benefit of those of our visitors on dial-up modem connections, we have provided the data broken up into smaller segments as an alternative to the single large file containing all the pieces.  In either case you will want to download the separate introductory notes, which provide an extensive background on the music.  When printing you may wish to turn off the “Fit to page” setting in the print menu.
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