LSA Summer Seminar 2000 Pictures
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH

Here are the pictures from the LSA 2000 Summer Seminar. I have done very little editing other than removing the pictures that were truly unusable due to incorrect exposure or focus (autofocus isn't infallible, especially in dim light).

Many of the pictures were shot with available light (i.e. no flash) meaning that exposure times were relatively long (1/8 second or longer). While this made it possible to take pictures during the concerts without disturbing the performers, it also means that any movement by the performer is recorded as a blurred image of whatever was moving. Blurred hands can convey a sense of action, but some people (you know who you are) bobbed and weaved all over the place while playing, making it quite difficult to get good pictures :-)

The images in this directory are mostly 640 x 480 and highly compressed to reduce download times. If you want original 1600x1200 versions of any of these, e-mail me at the address below and I'll make them available. Be sure to include the image number(s). Note that the full-size files are around 900K each.

There are a total of 350 photos, divided into pages by day:

Sunday 6/25      Monday 6/26      Tuesday 6/27      Wednesday 6/28

Thursday 6/29 1 of 2     Thursday 6/29 2 of 2

Friday 6/30 1 of 3      Friday 6/30 2 of 3      Friday 6/30 3 of 3


Jim Garrison