LSA Lute Festival 2014 Concerts

Paul Beier

7:30 PM Monday, 23 June, Harkness Chapel

Music of John Dowland (1563-1626)

Sir Henry Guildforde his Almaine
(Varietie, 1610)

Mrs vaux Galliarde Jo Dowland
(P32, Dd.9.33, c.1600-05)

Mrs vauxes Gigge Jo Dowland Bacheler of Musicke
(P57, Dd.9.33, c.1600-05)

A Fancy by Mr. Dowlande
(P6, BM Add 3056, c.1610)

Pavan, JD B of Musicke
(P18, Dd.5.78, c.1595-1600)

No. XXII Galliard to Lachrimae
(P46, Pilgrims Solace, 1612)

Coranto By Doctor Dowland
(P100, Board, c.1620)

(P94, Schele, c.1615)

An Almand By Mr. Jo: Dowland: Bacheler of Musique
(P96, Board, c.1620)

A Galliard on Walsingham J:D
(P31, Dd.5 .78, c.1595-1600)

Forlorne Hope fancye Mr Dowland Bach. of Musicke
(P2, Dd.9.33, c.1600-05)

10 course lute by Michael Lowe, 1979

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