LSA Lute Festival 2010 Concerts

Duo Marchand
Andy Rutherford, lute
Marcia Young, voice & harp

2:00 PM Friday, 2 July, Harkness Chapel

My Cousin Vinny:  Shoestring Italian Relations

Tavola Henry Lawes (1596-1662)
Se gl’occhi vostri io miro Antonio Cifra (1584-1629)
Occhi stele mortale/O eyes, O mortal stars Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger (1572-1628)
Stanotte m’insognava/Unto a fly transform’d Anon./John Bartlett (fl. 1606-1610)
S’amor non é Robert Jones (ca.1577-1615)
Lasso vita mia John Dowland (1563-1626)
O bella più A Musicall Banquet (1610)
Misera pastorella Nicholas Lanier (1588-1666)
Ahi, ahi, che s’acresce in me Angelo Notari (1566-1663)
Se voi luciamate/Pensiere quietate Ann Blount Lute Book
Non timer filli mia (MP3, 1.85 MB) Ann Blount Lute Book
Cuperaree (Gray’s Inn) John Coprario (ca. 1570-1626)
Fly from the world Robert Jones
Fly from the world (MP3, 1.42 MB, video) Ferrabosco
Young and simple though I am (MP3, 2.16 MB; video) Nicholas Lanier (1588-1666)
Young and simple though I am (included in the files above) Ferrabosco
Like hermit poor Lanier
Like hermit poor (MP3, 2.05 MB) Ferrabosco
Sinfonia (video) Lanier
Bring away this sacred tree Lanier
    from Somerset Masque (1613)  
No more shall meads be deck’d with flowers Lanier
Dialogue between a Shepherd and Lucinda Charles Colman (1605-1664)
    from The King and Queenes Entertainment at Richmond (1636)  

Twelve-course lute by Andrew Rutherford, New York NY (2008), after 17th-century examples
Baroque triple harp by Andrew Rutherford, based on the “Barbarini” harp and paintings by Domenichino

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