LSA Seminar & Lute Festival 2008


     The Lute Society of America Lute Festival 2008, took place Sunday, 22 June through Friday, 27 June 2008 at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH.  If you attended the Lute Festival, we hope this archival material will provide you souvenirs and help you share your enjoyment with your families and friends; if you did not attend, we hope it will encourage you to participate in LSA-sponsored events in the future.


     The members of the outstanding faculty are listed below (with their names linked to brief biographies), together with pictures from many of the courses they taught and the programs of the concerts they performed, including photographic coverage and MP3 audio in most cases.  The concert music ranged from 14th century chansons to very recent compositions.  The courses covered a wide range of topics, including perspectives on lute repertory and the history of stylistic changes in many countries of Europe from the 15th century through the 18th century.  Classes and private coaching were also be provided for playing technique, from beginner through advanced levels, for solo or ensemble performance, and for the accompaniment of singers either from basso continuo or with a completely realized part. In addition, Ray Nurse delivered a stimulating series of lecture-demonstrations on the music of John Dowland.  Photographic summaries of the many other activities are also under construction.

Faculty and Course Topics

Concert Series

O’Brien Lectures

Other Events and Activities

Seminar Director


     Thanks to Leah Baranov, Kenneth Bé, John Byron Boyd, Michael Craddock, Bob Hieronimus, Steve Ramey, Dan Shoskes, Bob Temkin, Pat O’Brien and Jineen Heiman for contributions of photographs used in this retrospective of the 2008 Seminar & Lute Festival.

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