LSA Lute Festival 2006

     The Lute Society of America Lute Festival 2006, took place Sunday, 25 June through Friday, 30 June 2006.  If you attended the Lute Festival, we hope this descriptive material will help you share your enjoyment with your families and friends; if you did not attend, we hope it will encourage you to participate in LSA-sponsored events in the future.


     The members of the stellar faculty are listed below (with their names linked to brief biographies), together with pictures from the courses they taught and the programs of the concerts they performed, including some photographic coverage and MP3 audio.  The concert music ranged from 15th century chansons to very recent compositions.  The courses covered a wide range of topics, including perspectives on lute repertory and the history of stylistic changes in many countries of Europe from the 15th century through the 18th century.  Classes and private coaching were also be provided for playing technique, from beginner through advanced levels, solo or ensemble performance and accompaniment of lute songs and ballads. In addition, lectures on English lute compositions and performance practice were offered by Christopher Morrongiello.  Photographic summaries of the lectures and the many other activities are also provided below.

Faculty and Course Topics

Technique Repertory Performance & Ensemble Skills Lute Doctor
  • Joel van Lennep: “How to Live with a Lute – Getting more music and less misery from your instrument”

Concert Series

Afternoon Lectures

  • Christopher Morrongiello, first holder of the Patrick O’Brien LSA Seminar Lectureship, led us through a critical assessment of the pavan form in the lute music of Daniel Batchelar and his contemporaries. A second lecture dealt with identification of the scribes involved in compiling the Chirbury MS. These lectures are based on his doctoral research in musicology.  An additional lecture examined the practical significance of the table in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century musicmaking and its benefits to lute players.

Other Events and Activities

Organizing Committee

Dick Hoban, Nancy Carlin, Garald Farnham, Edward Martin, Phillip Rukavina and Caroline Usher


Thanks to Bob Hieronimus, Dan Shoskes, Kenneth Bé, Mike Peterson, Laura Maschi, Bob Temkin, Jineen Heiman, Betsy Small, Caroline Usher and David Schoengold for contributions of photographs used in this retrospective of the 2006 Lute Festival.

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