LSA Lute Festival 2004

     The Lute Society of America Lute Festival 2004 was held on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, from 27 June through 2 July 2004, with Kenneth Bé as director.  For those who attended the Lute Festival, we hope these photographs will help you share your enjoyment with your families and friends; if you did not attend, we hope they will encourage you to participate in LSA-sponsored events in the future.

Faculty and Courses

Concert Series

Afternoon Lectures

Other Events and Activities


     Thanks to Bob Hieronimus, Dan Shoskes, Kenneth Bé, Craig Allen, Michael Stover, Mike Peterson, Dick Hoban, Bob Clair and Jineen Heiman for contributions of photographs used in this overview of the Lute Festival 2004.  Thanks also to Tim Motz for assistance in the form of data backup during the event.

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