Cleveland Tiorbino Photographs

These digital photographs of the well-preserved tiorbino (accession number 1918.368) in the Cleveland Museum of Art were taken in July, 2002. The pictures have been graciously provided by luthier Ed Greenhood. They may be freely downloaded and shared. However, we request that any further distribution of the images, whether intact or edited, be without charge, and Ed and this source ( must be acknowledged.

In order to provide detailed information the images are quite high resolution, and the file sizes are large as a result. Downloading on a modem connection will take a considerable amount of time, so please be patient. To show the scale of the instrument, in many of the photos a measuring tape (in centimeters) is visible, though it is not always easy to read. Three of the pictures have dimensional information added as an overlay; however, this added data produces files that are much larger (and thus much slower to download) than the others. Note that these dimensions are only approximate, since they were taken from the photographs and not from the instrument directly. Ed says, "These dimensions were not taken as a means to develop a scale drawing or an exact reproduction, but rather for the design of a new instrument taking the museum tiorbino as a reference point."

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