[Lute ID 158]
Collection:    "Eisenach, Wartburg"
Inv. No.:    
Maker:    "Ott, Hanns"
Place:    Nürnberg
Sig. / Marks:    "labelled (according to museum personnel): Hans Oth, Nuremberg //."
Type:    mandora (Curt Sachs' terminology)
Rose:    "gothic design, d.8,4"
Material:    "Body, neck and pegbox made from one piece of maple, belly spruce or fir. Rose made of several layers of parchment & wood"
String Disposition:    5: 5x2
String Length:    34
Overall Length:    52
Body Length:    
Body Width:    
Body Depth:    
Literature:    "Hellwig 1974, pp. 5, 26."
Copied By:    SJ
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