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Sudikoff Query update

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all of 'em
name serial
asset manuf
model os
os_vers room
user owner
purchase po

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  • You must input a search field and a character string to search for.
  • The search engine looks for exact matches unless told otherwise.
  • To tell it otherwise use the percent symbol (%), which means 0 or more arbitrary characters.
  • Examples (searching in the field name):
  • tu% (returns every computer whose name begins with "tu")
  • %le (returns every computer whose name ends with "le")
  • %z% (returns every computer whose name contains an "z")
  • % (returns every computer in the database)
  • The os field is fixed: solaris, linux, du, ultrix, irix, nt, mac, bsd, next,be, xterm, other
  • Happy Searching!